Samokleykin Sticker Filter - Computer Dust Filter -

«Samokleykin» sticker filter - the best solution to protect the computer components from dust!

The main advantages PC dust filter
     The dust filter can be used for any type of computer equipment, as well as for      any devices that use an active air circulation for cooling (game consoles,      CarPCs, projectors, air-conditioners, etc.).
Easy handling.
     You can cut the size and shape of the dust filter that you need and easily paste      it on a cold air intake area.
High efficiency.
     Virtually no reducing the speed of the air flow, the dust filter "Samokleykin"      holds up to 95% of dust and other small particles in the air. In addition, the dust      filter "Samokleykin" has a sound-proof properties allowing you to reduce the      noise from fans at 15%.
Long service life.
     The effective dust filter service life for a home computer is 1.5-2 years. At that,      this period of time for industrial systems depends on the operating conditions.

Environmental friendliness.
     The dust filter not only helps you to protect your computer from dust and contaminants components. It is made of environmentally friendly materials and after recycling      does not harm the environment.
     The dust filter "Samokleykin" can be purchased in the CIS countries and abroad (by post) at a price significantly below our competitors provide.

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