Samokleykin™ Sticker Dust Filter - Computer Fan Filter for PC Case -

Computer Fan Filter - Computer Dust Filter.

PC fan filter - PC dust filter

The filter advantages

90% of dust protection.
     The filter performs high efficiency at any period of use with minimal changes of      air speed. Up to 90% of dust doesnt get into your computer.
Noise decrease by 15%
     The filter is good at acoustic reduction which will help to lower the level of fan noise.
Easy in use
     Because of its sticky base the filter can be easily applied at any metallic or plastic      surface. It is easily placed and  re-placed to be used for other places.
     The filter can be cut out of any shape and size. They can be applied for any      machine which has air cooling systems (game pad, CarPC, conditioner, projector,      monoblock unit, cash machine, vacuum cleaner, etc).
Big size
     One filter is enough for one block like Midi-Tower of 5 140mm fans or 6 120mm fans.
     The freeware DustEND will remind you to change filters.
Reusable filters
     You can wash it with water, dry and stick once again.
     The computer dust filter can be delivered worldwide!
Computer fan filter | Computer dust filter